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Morgan Wise, Education Program Manager, Illinois Division, Internal Revenue Service

Employees, home-based business owners, main street business owners…no one has ever shown me before … (and right out of the IRS’ own publications!) …so many valuable and legal tax reductions strategies. Why haven’t they?

LK – Kansas City MO

Jim, with our knowledge of taxes, you bring so much value to the marketplace. Why do other tax firms NOT do this?

TM, Ogden IA

Over the past 11 years, I have learned so much from you about how to properly structure my businesses so as to preserve capital. When it comes to building my legacy, next to my own capacity to create wealth, I would rank your importance in preserving that a very very close 2nd. Your ability to see the tax system as a very clear and concise "thing" is an ability that few will ever have (or hope to have for that matter!).

The hard-filing system you created for QuickBooks Pro is the greatest business building tool available - anywhere! I literally spend less than an hour a week on bookkeeping and know that no matter what happens my financial ship is upright and airtight. How many business owners can say that?

Thanks for all you've done for me, my family, my businesses, and my legacy.

Adam Carroll, West Des Moines IA